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Special Debut Perfomance
-Tales from The Bridge-

1. Openning Set

Romanian Luck song- Meda, JP & Susan 
Spirit Moves me- Terry JP
Bridge Song -Meda JP Blues
Fairie Songs- Leanne J.
Guitar Instrumental and or Flamenco- JP
Spirit Of the Moon- Meda JP Hawaiian intro 

2.Workshop Participation

3.The Thing- Drum ceremony

4. Continue Music Set-
Hot Morning W/ You- Meda, JP, Susan, Terry Brazillian Tempo- (Caged Bird chords)
The Rabit Hole- Meda JP, Terry Capo Bluesy
Twilight- Meda, JP Jazzy 
Time uncovered- Meda, Susan
Lullaby to Awakening-Meda, Susan accapella

The Bridge Song
(Meda, August 28, 2017)

what better place to write your name on,
than a bridge,
joining the river and sky,
to celebrate and abridge    
to recognize and share
with the world,
no longer a pain
but a dare...

No mysteries to clarify,
but making mystery clear
embracing the cracks
through the skin and fear,
so light can get in

your beautiful you,
the mirror
without and within.

and love you till the sky is blue...