"guess I've arrived to this very particular point in my earthly
experience, where art becomes life & life bleeds into art...

I listen... to vibrating molecules... full contact -in their naked
no leading... and no following... only oceans breathing..."
Meda, March 2018


Founded by Meda in 2017, Willy-Nilly is an open-band concept. A fluid, there-is-no-box place where musicians can come & perform together for as long as they feel called for & be featured with the band while it represents a mutually desired direction.

This makes for a bunch of (very :) different people gathered around the (internal.. or not:) fire pit to make some funky blend of electronic and ethnic sounds making for a very eclectic style music in a laid-back, backyard kind of Workshop Performance where everything and anything can (and should) happen. You're invited to witness a raw slice-of-life play-together right here, right now type of happening and participate if you feel the calling to do so! Or close your eyes and find the channel of cosmic rhythm that we tap into. Feel the love we share for this planet and all of its inhabitants.

Coming from different backgrounds, gifts & styles, yet making music together - getting to vibrate on the same frequency. Here to share the gift - the experiment is evolving!

Friday, March 16th 2018 starting at 7PM
@ Taos Mesa Brewing - the Mothership