About Us
Musicians currently performing with Willy-Nilly:
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When escaping The Matrix, I took both blue & red pills
I'm slippery when wet
I sometimes have colored words, songs & feathers
I am passing by, slowly falling into the light - just like you
I've met a man who believed the time has come
You just can't stop reading this!
I am the player and the played in this life's melody
I said goodbye to Alexandra Leaving
I'm really good at making coffee
My pockets posses esoteric knowledge
After reading this far you've already got involved anyway :)
  Ken McNamara
An accomplished actor, writer & musician, Ken is a long-time favorite of Taos theatergoers. He has carved out his place in the Entertainment stratosphere by singularly laboring to bring exceptionalism to all. Sometimes he performs original material but most of the time he just eats and sleeps.
  Ryan Nobody
Iis a one man band. He uses Live Looping to create intricate songs that sound out of this world. Ryan’s sound mixes live guitar with electronic future bass. Using the latest technology in music production, he brings you a unique blend of organic and electric sounds.

Ryan has been playing music for over 2 decades and has graduated from Berklee College of music
  Ra Paulette
Is an American sculptor based in New Mexico who digs into hillsides to sculpt elaborate artistic spaces inside mountains. Paulette's sculpture was the subject of an Academy Award-nominated 2014 documentary entitled Cavedigger, directed by Jeffrey Karoff.

Ra Pulette has since turned his attention to music, participating as drummer & singer with various jamming groups around Dixon & Taos -including Willy Nilly in 2017.
  Mary Rose
Is a flute player and composer who moved to New York City in 1975 and became immersed in the creative and dynamic jazz scene there and its diverse exploration of jazz improvisation. She studied flute and jazz improvisation with multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator, Makanda Ken McIntyre, and master flutist Robert Dick, who specializes in multiphonics and extended techniques on the flute. She performed with jazz groups in New York City, New Mexico and Colorado -including Willy-Nilly in 2017.
Willy-Nilly on stage at Taos Mesa Brewing - The Mothership on March 16th
Pic courtesy to Charles J Cox
Some of the musicians that pefromed under Willy-Nilly in the past:
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John P Funk
I never did escape the Matrix, instead I used my extraordinary Meta-Quantum skills to re-initialize the grid by adding a new program to the simulation sequence called Enchanted Lands Music and Art for Inspired Living. By directly tapping into the multi sensory inputs in the Fields of imprisoned humans, I have been able to awaken many souls through the engagement of specifically frequency tuned Soundscapes that engage a emergence of Bliss and Freedom from the shackles of the programming that has been perpetrated by the powers to subjugate the human spirits for thousands of years...
  Susan Briggs
Iím a happy camper when Iím jamming with my musical friends. I see music making as the art of first feeling the music and then responding, allowing the music to flow through my being and then out my fingers, making a totally different bunch of sounds, and get the weaving through the music thatís coming into me. I love my flute!
  Terry McCaulley
side by side we love,
side by side we live,
side by side we sing,
side by side we give.
  Lee Anne Johnston
Leane Johnson Iím a gypsy traveler, always been. Life is truly an awesome gift to enjoy while making music & living with friends on this magical planet.